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www.Gmail.com login | Gmail Sign in | Create New Gmail Account – A Deep Insight into Gmail and Its Features. Email has turned out to be a big part of both professional and personal life. More than personal life, email has become essential for daily business life. It is not only used to manage your entire corporate sector but also allows the user to keep in touch with other people by socializing them. When we talk about professional email sites, how can we forget about www.gmail.com – world’s highest running email app – powered by Google.

www.gmail.com login sign up

Gmail is a Google-owned, free, and advertising supportive email service provider ran by Google. The very first step of Gmail was found on 1st April 2004. At the time of launch, it was started as an invitation-only beta release and on 7th February 2007, it became accessible to the general public with the same beta status. In the present time, Gmail.com is one of the most famous, most used and most running web-based email service globally that offers facts of storage, options and links to associated services.

All most very people – from large business owners to normal people to youth must have a Gmail account. Owing to its significant advantages and great transformation in Technology, www.Gmail.com login has been used by millions o people globally.

Features of Gmail – Google Mail Service

Storage: Store Whatever You Want

Gmail was established providing1 GB of storage space for its users. But after one year, on 1st April 2005, Google doubled its storage space from 1 GB to 2 GB in order to give its users a great saving facility.  This change was done with the aim to give some more room to enjoy their mailing service. Again after seven years, on 24th April 2012, Google announced that the storage of Gmail has increased from 7.5 GB to 10 GB along with the launch of Google Drive. In 2015, this space was increased to 15 GB for the users of Google+ in order to enjoy a great space and great freedom to store their pictures.

Feel Like Developer at Gmail Lab

Gmail always keeps surprising its users with new and innovative products and Gmail lab is one of them. On 5th June 2008, Gmail.com Labs was first introduced, and this feature is specially designed to facilitate users to trial novel or experimental features of Gmail, like bookmarking of essential email messages or make custom keyboard shortcuts. A user can also disable and enable features of www.gmail.com Labs selectively and give criticism and advertise about every factor.

Tabbed inbox: Organize Mails According to Different Groups

Gmail facilitates users to store their important emails to their mail. But in mid of 2013, Google introduced gmail.com login inbox with five tabs named as:

  • Primary
  • Social
  • Promotions
  • Updates
  • Forums

All these tags can be seen and used in both mobile and PC version of Gmail. Additionally, one by disabling those tabs can use the traditional version of Gmail login easily. So it ultimately depends on the user only, that which version he/she want to use. New customizable tabs put you back in manage your mail id so that you can notice what’s new at a glimpse and choose which e-mail you want to read and at what time. Modify your Gmail account and enjoy a super-fast, easy and convenient mailing practice with Gmail and Google.

Customizable themes: Be the Designer of your Mailbox

You can also modify your account with your wished themes and colors. www.Gmail.com allows its users to select their themes and colors among several pre-installed themes from Google. By setting up new themes, you can make your account more enchanting and eye-catching.

Spam filter: Digital way to Avoid Mails

Gmail also allows its users to avoid spam emails by launching spam filter option. Gmail’s spam filtering enables users to block unnecessary emails by selecting their types and message contains. Once you have added a message type to the spam filter of Gmail.com, it prevents similar type emails to appear in your inbox.

Gmail Mobile: Take wherever you go

Like PC, one can use www.Gmail.com on their phones too. On its mobile version, it supports 40 languages. On September 22, 2009, Google added push mail support service to Gmail using Google Sync for Apple devices like iPhone or iPad.

Quick Money transfer and payment options

On May 15, 2013, Google launched an upgraded version of Gmail adding an easy money transfer and payment option for its users. This feature allows Gmail users to transfer money as an attachment to the email via Google Wallet. Now send and receive money instantly with the easy money transfer feature of www.Gmail.com sign in.

Setting up a Gmail account – www.Gmail.com Sign in

Gmail account opens up a whole new way to use every service provided by Google. A single username and password of Gmail id can get you into everything offered by Google including Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, Google Maps, and many more. Set up your profile and explore an innovative way to enjoy advanced technology. Here are the steps to create Gmail.com login account easily and quickly.

www.gmail.com login sign up

www.Gmail.com login | Create New Gmail Account

  • To create a Gmail.com account, the user, at first, needs to open the URL www.gmail.com.
  • When the page opens, find the option of “create the new account.
  • Then the sign-up form will appear on the screen. You have to fill this form correctly.
  • Just follow the instructions and fill the required information, including Name, Date of Birth, Password, gender, mobile number and existing email id (If you have).
  • After finishing the form fill up, simply agree to the terms and conditions of Google and proceed to the next step.

www.gmail.com login sign up

  • The Create your profile page will emerge.
  • Click on “Add a photo” in case you want to give your profile photo to your Google Plus profile. If you don’t wish to give a picture, then just avoid this step and click on proceed.
  • Now, you have successfully created a www.gmail.com account. You will get three confirmation emails from the Google team.
  • By using your mail id and password, you can access to your www.Gmail.com Account & login at anytime and anywhere with any device.
  • Note: Always ensure to choose a strong password to maintain safety and protection from data loss, hacking or other security problems.

Once you have successfully created a www.Gmail.com account, you can become able to take the advantages of all Google services on your devices including, mobile, PC, iPhone, Android, etc.

Specialties of Gmail.com

Get Email at you Name

With Gmail.com account, you can customize your email by getting email addresses at your domain. It means you can create special URLs and by using the domain of your Gmail id.

Get round-o-clock support and service

As powered by Google, Gamil facilitates its user to enjoy a hassle-free, comfortable and convenient email experience. In the case of facing nay trouble regarding email, Google apps, and services, you can get 24/7 customer care support and services.

Work from anywhere

With Gmail, you can work from anywhere and at any place. Gmail allows the users to Sync and opens your email from any mobile, tab or PC. This Google-owned app is compatible with every device like Android, iPhone, Blackberry and much more.

Multiple Email Addresses

No need to send the same mail to one by one. With google mail, you can add many email ids at a time you want to send the same mail. This feature is specially designed for the people to want to save their time and effort to type same things gain and again.

Faster loading

If your internet connection is running slow and Gmail is taking much time to load, then don’t worry. By using the advanced features of Gmail, you can make your id open much faster than before. For this, you have to switch to a basic version of Gmail, which will allow your id to load faster and let you carry out essential actions.

To get it, just add “?ui=html” to the basic Gamil URL. For example:


Hang out with friends through video call

Are you Looking forwards for an account something more than a mere email site? If yes, then you are in the right place. Gamil is far more than a simple email. You can add up to ten recipients for a video call purpose directly from your inbox. No need to download any other video calling apps. It allows its user to hang out with friends by fast and easy video calling feature.

With Gmail, enjoy the opportunity of quick mailing, easy video calling, and large storage.